Musical Artist

Rapper and songwriter, Legrand is a hiphop musician who creates music that frequently crosses over to other genres, reaching a wide variety of audiences. The artist wishes use his music to connect with  fans and support hip-hop culture through the love of the craft while creating space to discuss other pertinent issues like climate change and social justice.

Most recently, Legrand has recently released his latest single, 'Quarandreaming'. His forthcoming single, 'My Time 2 Shine', is scheduled to be released later this year. An optimist and a believer in humanity, he also wishes to spread positive vibes through music.


Social Activist

As an artist, Legrand has plans to use his platform for goals that go beyond music. With a supplemental focus on fighting climate change, Legrand wants to be a continued voice in the community that spreads awareness on how to we all can do our part to protect the environment and work toward a better future.

Legrand believes in creating balance as he tries out new things and opens up new platforms to facilitate more meaningful discussions for lasting change.

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