Artist Bio

Legrand is a one of a kind musical artist making waves in the music industry with his unique approach to hiphop music. A staunch environmentalist and socially conscious personality, Legrand wants his music career to reflect his underlying values and philosophy. Rapper and songwriter, Legrand is a hiphop musician who creates music that frequently crosses over to other genres, reaching a wide variety of audiences.  Legrand released his first single from his current music project, 'Quarandreaming' earlier this year. His forthcoming single, 'My Time 2 Shine', is scheduled to be released closer to the end of the summer. An optimist and a believer in humanity, Legrand wishes to spread positive vibes through music.


The Professional- Album

Illusions of Legrandeur- Album

48 Hours by G.U.M.B.O- Album

The Family Stands by G.U.M.B.O- Album

The Chosen by G.U.M.B.O- Album

That’s How It’s Going Down- Single

The Professional- Single

Bring Me Back- Single

POSE- Single

My Time 2 Shine- Single

Quarandreaming aka Isla Fiesta- Single

Upcoming Events

October 9th

HOLA Festival

October 15th

 Eclipse The Haters 2 Concert

October 16th

Chattanooga Hip Hop Summit

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